Khrista was also featured in an article in Top Agent Magazine

With strong communication skills and a relentless determination to succeed, Khrista Jarvis was destined for the real estate business. Upon graduating college, she was thinking about journalism as a career. But when a good family friend and top agent in the area suggested real estate, Khrista knew it was her opportunity to shine. She began working as an assistant under her friend, and soon grew to step out on her own. Today she has her own team, called The Khrista Jarvis Team at Compass Real Estate. Her team is the #1 selling team in the San Ramon Valley rep resenting a wide range of clients, from luxury estates to first time home buyers. Starting the team over 10 years ago, Khrista enjoys working together with others to achieve a goal. “It’s great to have my team so we can brainstorm ideas that achieve the highest results for our clients,” she says.




It is her team’s responsiveness and attentiveness to clients that sets them apart. “Everyone compliments us on our service. We work day and night to answer our clients’ questions. We go the extra mile and above and beyond the regular duties of an agent,” she explains. When they take on a client, they make them feel like they are the only one. They are happy to help with all of the extras, including home preparation, overseeing repair work and other behind-the-scenes duties to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Khrista’s attention to detail and work ethic have paved the way for her success. Jeff Sposito, Founder and President of J. Rockcliff REAL TORS®, says that she is one of the most dedicated professionals he has ever met. “She is hardworking, detail oriented, and I have never seen her lose her laser-sharp focus. This is a distinct advantage for Khrista’s clients. She knows her market, under stands her clients’ needs, and is an expert negotiator,” Jeff says. “Buyers and sellers realize that when hiring Khrista they’ve hired the best.” When they leave the transaction, they leave enthusiastic reviews praising her integrity and passion. Khrista says, “Our clients know that we have their best interest in mind, we are always working hard on their behalf.”

Her team’s focus is on making it a win-win for everyone involved. Khrista has received calls from people on the other side of the deal, complimenting the team on their professionalism and communication. “We’re very responsive, we know that people want answers to questions immediately. We know that buying or selling can be stressful, so we try to take out some of the stress and handle as much as we can on behalf of our clients.”




Thriving off of the energy and knows that she was meant for this career. Completely driven to satisfy her clients, she loves the feeling of getting them what they want. “It’s great working with a variety of different people, and I love that every day presents new challenges. It is rewarding successfully negotiating the best possible outcome for our clients. But the best part is the praise we receive when our hard work and dedication resulted in another flaw less transaction. In the end, our satisfaction comes from another happy client.”




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